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We sell red rice and its derivative products (red rice tea, red rice coffee and red rice flour). In addition, we also sell other herbal products such as white turmeric, mangosteen skin, etc.

Bali Aga Red Rice and its derivative products

Our red rice product comes from Jatiluwih-a name which means the truth of beauty, has a long historical agriculture story. Located in the slope of mountains with its fresh air and sparkling water in the heart of Bali, this lush and gorgeous place has been well known as the homeland of rice. Farmers serve and treat the land either before planting and after harvesting with great respect. There are about 18 different stages begin from traditional land cultivation, watering, seeding, seedling, fertilizing, growing while controlling the pests and weeds, harvesting and post harvesting.  Fertilizer used is 100% natural and organic which produced from the cowsheds of the farmers.

Bali Aga Red Rice is from high quality seeds harvested once in 6 months. Take this product for your beloved people at home as present from Bali, Island of Gods.

Our product:

  • 100% natural and organic product
  • Free preservatives for better life
  • A very careful rice farming process with a special treatments for your healthiness and wellness.
  • A very special Red Rice from amazing UNESCO world heritage to bring home for a better health and life.

Bali Aga Herbal

One of our goals to make herbal products is to help people who need them, especially the ones in sickness. There are many herbal products on the market requiring consumers’ attention before buying them. Check what are contained within the herbal products. Compare them with their original ingredients so that we could know whether the herbal products are original or not and free from side effects. One of the herbs that we produce is white turmeric made from 100% organic white turmeric. Turmeric has many benefits, one of them is widely known as an antioxidant (good for cancer, indigestion, etc).

Our products are free of preservatives, colorings and artificial sweeteners. We are here to help you!

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Red Rice and Derivative Products

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